The magic of resilience

Hey my mj’s.So,if it is something that I have learned; over the past few years is :the power of resilience. Indeed, you know we all have these moments of uncertainty; when we are about to give up, and these are key moments. They showed me that no matter what your feelings are;you have the choice to either stop ,to just survive or to continue; with a whole new motivation and drive. I have had both and let me tell you when I was in nursing school; my heart was screaming no.
On the one hand, I had already in my head the loud « don’t quit »and so I tried a few times and it eventually all failed.
On the other hand, I had those moments where ;I was about to give up; and my heart was screaming stay you will figure out a way! But today I want to talk you about resiliency as a power we all have! and can use to,once again, dust ourselves off ; thus climb back again to the mountaintop.we have the choice.
However,We just need to tune in; and see how it resonates within us.
Do not lose hope you can go through this ,you are stronger than you think, you are gifted and unique !
This song often inspired me when I wanted to give up


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