The resources are within you my Mj’s !

Hey My Mj's ! Some days might seem dauting ,where you have so many things to do; and all these courses for your finals , and the stress which culminates. Don't worry and remember that : all the resources you seek are within you ! You can do it ! Grab your courage ; and … Lire la suite The resources are within you my Mj’s !


Break the boxes and reinvent yourself!

Hey my Mj's ! Today's message, is to break the box and reinvent yourself. As a matter of fact we can feel trapped in our masks ; and social identities : trying to fit in, please everyone and loosing ourselves in the process. However , what if you decide to break these molds and reinvent yourself for … Lire la suite Break the boxes and reinvent yourself!

Thumbs up my dear!10

Hey my mj's! My favs of the week 1-the magic of thinking big . 2-podcast pursuit with purpose by melyssa griffin 3- coconut oil and shea butter 4-black friday !! 5- my aloe vera plant 6- morah peters well done song 7-morah peters brave 8-fall leaves fairy lights 9-the school of greatness 10-crystals … Lire la suite Thumbs up my dear!10