The power of being responsible

Hey my mjs! My message of today, is the power of being responsible . Most  people tend to blame others , the nature, the universe or God; when they are going through tough times . Likewise ,There I was last week complainning in my bed, that my health was making me fail. However, I have decided to fight , to … Lire la suite The power of being responsible


My new non-négociable : self-care

Hello my Mj's. Firstly, let me give you a peek in  my personal life ;by announcing you that: doctors told me; I will be out of the hospital tonight! Yay;it has been quite a tumultuous adventure ,but I have survived anyway. Today, I want to evoke self-care ;as a milestone for our own survival. In … Lire la suite My new non-négociable : self-care

Thumbs up my dear7

Hey my Mj's. Here I am with your favorite  wenesday series.So let's get started! 1-mastery of love don Miguel Ruiz 2-Howard Zinn A People's History of the UnitedStates 3-treehouse 4-cinnamon ingreek yogurt tea and on fruits 5-overnight oatmeals 6-pen: papermate inkjoy 7-Demi lovato sorry not sorry 8-austen wolf dickens Christie Brontë books 9-my vogue … Lire la suite Thumbs up my dear7