My Summer Morning rituals

Hello, my Mj’s

Today, let me share with you; my summer morning rituals!!!

In fact, I am currently waking up at : 7am on holidays. However It tends to be 5 am,during my schoolweek at University.

1-First thing in the morning, I always make my bed .Not only does it set the tone for the day; but I have also noticed that ,once your bed is made; you are less likely, to jump right back in.

2- I open my blinds and drink a huge cup of water.

3- I <strong>pray and study the Bible and meditate .I also journal a lot in the morning and read as well .I additionally loves listening to podcasts such as Terri Savelle Foy or Melissa Ambrosini or Lavender.

4- Then I am having my little 2O minutes work -out

5- I take my shower and get dressed according to my clothing plan and the weather forcasts .I also usually choose my outfit according to my mood especially when itcomes to accesoiries and jewelleries.
6- I come downstairs for my special breakfast which is a new one I ve been implementing in my life each morning since my trip in the mountains and here it goes:One orange, One kiwi and a homemade rosemary and thym infusion. I sometimes make myself a good old cup of gren tea or a smoothie instead depending on my mood of the day .blob
7- I go out for a little walk in the surroundings and then i eventually go back to my room upstairs .
8- I check my planning, for the day while listening to my playlist and drink more water and I am ready to start my day!
Here is my little sunshine of the moment this beautiful song :life happens 😉


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