hosting a summer diner party at the last minute-my keys

Hello my Mj’s,story time here:)
So, the other day ;I was at my office brainstorming on my next videos; and my mum came in hurry. « hey your aunt told me; she was in town and she will come over with some friends in 10 minutes! »
We have a problem !there is nothing in the cupboards and I don’t have time to go out » .
I replied do not worry , it is a challenge for me !

First, do not waste time to complain. Instead, use it to think and act. Thereby, my first action was to draw and make my meals.

1- a color coded fruit salad
2- a veggies mix and match with some dips such as homemade houmous , ranch
3- carotts and peas ; with a tofu-curry scrumble and some brown rice.
4- a homemade iced tea

1- I chopped all the fruits(oranges,apricots,melon,mangoes,peches) and layed them all , using some color coding in the yellow /orange tone.Let me tell you how fun and beautiful it was!
2-I took a plate and put some chopped celeri carrots tomatoes cuncumber and put my dips in little tea cups in the middle
3-this dish is just so easy and yummy !
4- as easy as it sounds: just associated with some lemon .

So My Mj’s, no more excuses!! when friends come over at the last minute. There are always little wonders, you can find here and there in your pantry.Be inventive , creative and have fun !

25495080Here are some songs that gets me motivated to do so !



Mary jokes 😉


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