The power of silence

Hello my Mj’s! let’s me tell you; about the wonders, silence does in our lives.
So, sometimes we want to speak out! we want to scream our feelings, to shout how angry we are; how dissapointed or frustrated!
That it is unfair, that it should not be like that.. That we don’t deserve that.
Nevertheless ,I have learned that a new power exists. The power of Silence. Not only it allows you to calm down, and to take the time. It is also usefull to analyse a situation, and it may prevent some bad endings as well.

However,Being silent is an effort.
This is an everyday practice that , we need to stay commited to; practice, and appreciate: the value of silence; because it is key.
Whether it’s when we are fired up in a situation, or that we tend to be too talkative and avoid silences . Sometimes it is our turn to listen ;and take care of each information reaction we actually come across, because silence is a loyal and beautiful friend when we get to know him .
Furthermore,Speakers actually uses silence, as a moment of consciousness. We also use it to make some breaks ;and they are also breaths in a song or points in a text.

So, we do need to consider, silence as a power . Even though he is quite invisble and unique.
The good news here, is that; we can literally use it as an asset rather than just an awkard moment. It all start with a decision to stay silent intentionally .

This song just inspires me: to stay still and contemplate the world, we live in !


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