Thumb’s up my dear3

Hello my Mj’s, you know the chorus by heart^^ I won’t make you wait more. .let’s go! with my 10 thumb’s up of the week.

1- the insanely popular book : the life magic of tidying up.Indeed, this book includes a true methodic  guide, towards  a minimalistic lifestyle.

2-lavendaire initiative to make a collaboration with several others youtubers about the letter to your younger self which I found really interesting

3- the steamer perfect to iron my clothes effortlessly

4-homemade guacamole with corn crackers.

5-culottes trend so easy to wear, to assemble and so light and confortable!

6-brene brown’s books. .no comment ❤

7-Paris willingness to get US out of our cocoon with a whole range of activities and festivals

8-sky news debates :always on the point

9-Selena Gomez interview with vogue where she is so chic

10-booktube YouTube channels which is the heaven of inspiration for new references to seek.


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