The power of starting before we are ready

Hello my Mj’s,It  is Monday morning; and you may not be in the mood of starting  this new project, plan, diet or going back to work. Well,I believe,it all revolvs around procrastination.

My secret tip would be to: start before you are ready.

In fact, studies show, that once you Begin something, you could easily go on with it.

So Here is how! with my 10 tips on how to start before you are ready;)

1- use a timer

I love using these cooking-kitchen timer, or the app on my phone. I usually start with 10minutes; whether its for a cleaning session or to start an article  brainstorming; and when I am in it I often go on with it.

what’s more,when it comes to school, you can also do the pomodoro technic to get starter: that is to say 25min of work, followed by 5min break.

2-schedule it

take your planner and analyse your spare time. Additionally, create a morning and night routine; which will help you increase your productivity, and structure your day as well.

3-use reminders

So,on post-it notes, or by an Alarm or app on your phone or through little notifications. Remembers are gold. Also,you can tell someone your plan, and ask them to remind you your task. Thereby, you will create accountability, and feel more responsible to accomplish the task in hand.

4-think about the reward

As a matter of fact, having a vision of the outcome; remains inevitably a priority, in order to stay consistent and focus. Moreover, it would help you on the way and will give you a boost of motivation ; which is essemtial to start and  keep going.

5-think about the worse case scenario

The quest of reassurence is often, what seperate us from starting before we are ready. Indeed, we are Waiting for  that raise; that good mood. Nevertheless, it is sometimes helpful to realize  that even the worse case scenario can be handled and noticeably overthrown.

6-think about the power of regret over remorse!

this point is about telling yourself: what if. . and why not. ..and pushing the boundaries; towards the unknown.

7-make it easy and fun

So, take it as a game, and break it down into digestable chuncks; through a todolist, for example or a quiz to start.

8- fake it till you make it

I know. ..this statement is sooo famous, but when it comes to the begging. Well,starting by  a shower and wearing a cute outfit or; having some make up on, can be the first step to a wonderful take off.

9- use a ritual

In fact, sometimes stress creeps in and lighting a candle; or listenning to some music can be the way to go!

10- prioritise your tasks

you need to identify your 3main tasks, and do them as early as possible in the day. Focus, will help you on this journey, against procrastination and this feeling of being lost.


Mary jokes;)


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