Five ways to stay hydrated this summer

Hey my Mj’s. I ve often been told « drink more water »! so here I am, with my 5 funny ways to stay hydrated this summer!


OMG this is the perfect summer treat, you can take  it in the afternoon ; and pour some rasberry and blueberries ,with some coconut water! and let it chill for one hour in the freezer, and that is done !


perfect in my salad or as a snack with some dips



nothing more nothing less a healthy pleasure to enjoys  anytime


2-flavored water

I love to ad a little bit of flavor in my water with some frozen or fresh fruit  or some tea for example

1-water plain or bubbly its up to you

my extralove tip is to buy a cute waterbottle and mug which would undoubtebly help you drink more;)blob

hope this little drop in this article has already clenched your thirst;)

mary jokes;)



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