Staying curious : a necessity

Hello my Mj’s, today let’s talk about :how to Stay  curious during the holidays, and : why it would literally change your outlook of the world!

« Education is the most powerful weapon, which can change the world « ;as  Mandela taught us,  some decades ago ;and I have been to the conclusion, that education was an ongoing process;which requires from us : a genuine willingness, to step out out comfort zone, and explore the unknown.

So, let’s break it down shall we? indeed many of us are actually on holidays ;and here is the thing:

I believe that it is the perfect time to educate yourself. As matter of fact, as Descartes perfectly said » I think therefore I am « my own motto is   I educate myself therefore I grow. So, here are my 5 ways to stay ontop of your game ; when it comes to staying  curious by building knowledges; because as you all know. .knowledge is power!right.
1-read!!!! Regardless what you are interested in, just open a book and let you be mindblowned  by  the wonders it contains!


2-imitate the perseverant Christopher colombus ; explore your town and seek some treasures;) such as museum activities to do, places, sents,colors taste to discover..

3- stay updated  by the papers, radio TV internet..

4-what about questioning  your beliefs and raise your standards through debates or with some little Tedx Talks or tea talks  once in a while.;)

5-inner journey through meditation to know more about yourself you can journal your thoughts and feeling as well!

I hope these will inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone and stay curious while you are deseperatly trying to get a little bit Tanner than yesterday haha see you soon!

Mary jokes;)





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