My summer desk DIY

Hello my Mj's, let me share with you my summer desk DIY !! All you need is two tin cans 1- remove the labels and wash them and let them dry for one hour or so. . 2-play with them you can stick them together or put them aside 3-fill them according to your needs. … Lire la suite My summer desk DIY


My Summer Morning rituals

Hello, my Mj's Today, let me share with you; my summer morning rituals!!! In fact, I am currently waking up at : 7am on holidays. However It tends to be 5 am,during my schoolweek at University. 1-First thing in the morning, I always make my bed .Not only does it set the tone for the … Lire la suite My Summer Morning rituals

My Relax songs of the moment ;)

hello my Mj's Today I  have decided to share with you, my relax songs of the moment ;enjoy 😉