Self-acceptance3 :my little guide for you

Hello Mj’s on your journey to self acceptation let me guide you and First It is about Going beyond our comfort zone , exploring withing ourselves to sort all that out!

So,Different cases here :

1- weaknesses seen as a  stranger  where you need to say hello I accept you as my friend

2- weaknesses within you which you don’t accept anymore

3- hidden Strength in need of your thumb’s up accepted

4-bold Strength  in need of your thumb’s down


Finally remember that it touches Body /spirit/mind/thoughts, features , heart emotions.

téléchargement (1)

What’s more,Beating ourselves up and Our things, environment friends too. Additionnally, remember that Decisions come from within

!téléchargement (2)let us be inspired by Oprah’s super soul sessions<3


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