Self-acceptance 2: reflexions

Hello my Mj’s today I will share with you my view on self acceptance to help you with this journey!


First, I believe that It ALL starts with self honesty self knowledge towards self-love self worth of selves in the society the universe our of god or our beliefs and mindset and improvements lessons learned .

Second, goals : self comfort success overcome fears fulfill our missions …happiness law of attraction abundance from within self relief gratefullness  happiness positive circle .

Third, truths and ultimate goal and  dream: despite challenges struggles fears emotions ect radiate happiness communicate power more power in the world a better world for ourselves and the future generations to come!

Finally Pattern : Pain -Self-awearness//decision//action//results-Rising

I found this amazing video wihich surprisingly cover exactly the notion of pain I wanted you to grasp so let us be inspired by Glennon Doyle!

The good news  here is  : you are on the path of self awearness toward the decision or you may even have been taken your decision already and here are my practical simple explanation to help you toward action on a daily basis which would lead to results !

Also,  you need to learn patience towards yourself and after  self acceptance there is self confidence which together will bring you to this positive circle  towards rising!In the next post I will share you my guide with practical tips to help you on this journey!

The next post will provide you with a little guide with my little tips and tricks on self-acceptance

Mary jokes 😉


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