Self-acceptance 1: Pain

Hello my MJ’s;)

Today I am going to share with you  my views on self acceptance. However, the step before that is the pain. So let’s try to unfolds its mechanism first and my next post will be about self-acceptance . Hence , here are the steps we need to go through; to step from pain to our first réflexions and actions around self-acceptance!

Indeed,if it was not painful emotionally or physically we will not even consider it as an issue therefore  to me it is vital to talk about pain first.

the first step to self acceptance is PAIN

1-Feel the pain

2-Need to develop mindfulness around it

3-Define the pain

4-Receive it or not

5-Question the creation of the pain

6-How it can be anticipated or not

7-Principles of avoidance

8-Do we make it a priority

9-How we enlightened ourselves around that without being obsessed by it

10-Dealing with pain


12-A true decision to face our fears and step into the pain , in order

to start our journey towards self-acceptance !


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