Thumbs up my dear 1;)

Hello my MJ’s !!

Today i introduce you a new series and this is thumb’s up my dear!! it is like a series of little thumbs up every wenesday about things I appreciate . So, are you ready … my 10 thumbs up of this week  are :

-1- Amber’s youtube channel  AmbreAgl go check her out show her some love  she is amazing !!She is a vlogger /youtubeur and her vlogs are diamond !!

2- the MP of Mayotte is a women!!

3- freerice this app which helps end hunger in the world while helping you learning english

4- Londoners behavior  lately ,rescuing each one and another and being strong in tough times!

5- A documentary  on elephant therapy which i found amazing these animals are amazing !!

6- A famous  french brand of water starting by V .. putting motivating message at  the back of their bottles!!

7- the anthem god save the queen in a football game sung by everyone at the beginning before it starts.

8-write and improve website which allowed me to have real feedback of natives speakers as well as lingua8 .

9- Biocoop an organic whole food shop  in Bourgoin my little  town

10-Surprise of my american family  visiting us and giving me the opportunity to speak english and giving me the light for an amazing projet  between USA and  you my MJ’s that  I have to keep secret for the moment but it will definitely change your life !

Mary Jokes 😉


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