My key word of the month :L.O.V.E <3

Hello my MJ’s ,

Today let me explain to you a new concept ,that I have been trying to implement in my day- to- day life .

So, Lately My life has been a huge hurricane and I was a bit lost in my own skin struggling with health and this feeling of being powerless .. that ran through my veins and hence I have started to practice having more love through 7 treasures as the 7 wonders of my world<3

7- Towards the planet hearth

-by being even more eco-friendly ❤

6-Towards our society

by practicing open-mindness and tolerance ❤

5-towards my country

oh year I went voting !<3 !let’s be responsible kids!

4–Towards my friends

showing them that i am honored to have them in my life, and sometimes allow myself to be more vulnerable and cheer them up too ❤

3-Towards my  family ❤

by preparing for them and doing all I do with much more kindness and awearness because words matters but action are engraved in our hearts

2- Towards myself ❤

don’t get me wrong I love myself but I need to take care of me more than  I ever did before and especially of my health

1-Towards God ❤

Oh my Lord !! just being more intimate in my relationship with God and praying even more and being even more involved in my gospel group or in my church  and thank him more for all the blessing that he gave me particularly this year !!

So.. to-day on this awesome musicloversday ….f4ccf3dc135f24cf9f24c80fc1a231e9

LOVE with this amazing song from Jessie J –Stand Up , enjoy ❤


love my Mj’s;)




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