Bold enough to be yourself

Society has designed molds for ourselves, and as perfect sheep we are intended to follow the move. However, what if we just step outside these boxes ; and express ourselves and:  yes my major is English history language and literature; even if, my parents are both maths teacher. I dream that one day people connect each over for who they are not just what their look inspires. Besides,I think that our uniqueness is one of our best strength. Indeed,what is the point of following the same pattern if it is not  consciously. I am Christian for example, and I do believe in god who gave me life and the wholly spirit ;and one of my closest and a true friend is a Muslim and we don’t use religion as a boundaries. We go way beyond that! into humanity into heart and respect each over beliefs at the same time and we appreciate and know each over for who we are not just our « labels »in  society.

I believe that regardless our age, skin color, size, complex, issues we are all human beings. A blend of several fruit and each mix has his own taste!

so don’t be afraid to be yourself and remember that you too can remove these filters in front of you and appreciate the beauty uniqueness has to offer when we are more open-minded!


2 réflexions sur “Bold enough to be yourself

  1. HollandReads dit :

    You are so right! I want to be a writer, but everyone in my family seems to have my future all figured out. Sometimes I honestly wish they would tell me what’s in store for my next miserable career, but at the end of the day I can only be my unique self. Even through I always struggled with being original, but I guess that’s why I suppressed my voice into my writing. But great work! I love this piece.


  2. maryjokes dit :

    Thank you very much for your comment ! I appreciate that ! You should not look at what others tell you to do friends at least know that you can choose your own path .Also if you struggle with creativity and being original I trully advise you to read Big magic by Elizabeth Guilbert which would help you on this journey . I believe it is never too late and that we should start before you are ready .Additionnallly remember yourself that practice makes perfect and you also need to have a huge WHY to stay commited along the way but it is totally worth it ! and if you don’t write fine don’t beat yourself up too much too …. I mean you can bake it draw it sing it dance it teach it . There are plenty ways to expose your thing out there and shine !!


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