Don’t let fear decide

Life is not always easy. Shit happens.Sometimes we might have a perfect busy life but we feel lost and empty inside.

Opportunities knock at our doors again and again and a little bird told me that you feel the same.

The question of today is how to find happiness, balance and roots when we feel overwhellmed when all our treasures seems swallowed by fear.

First, it is OK to feel stressed out. It is OK to feel totally tormented by a huge storm; perhaps you should Ask yourself these questions. that you can stay O.K not K.O 😉

1- am I greatful enough and do I give love around me.

2- do I do what I love to do and have I  a why for what I am doing.  3- Do I care enough about myself, my feelings.

4- what can I do to feel better and Is my quest worthwhile.

5- Do I believe in my light and what is my biggest fear.

6- how can I improve or what is wrong in my attitude that can be improved.

My advice would be to remember your power, your purpose your gifts, who you are and that  no one is in your shoes but you are the only one who decide!

Therefore, you can choose to see life through a positive angle and enjoy the blessings god put on your way. So please smile,stop complainning and start the next step, move forward.I know How hard  it is trust me but it is crucial.

Also, have fun and don’t take things and especially words too seriously and try to stay peaceful and spread love around you.

Henceforth what Is your perfect  time management goal?

and meditate about the next step to achieve it!finally my extra tip is music as a real happy therapy!





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