My top 10 of girlpower YouTube channels

Hey my Mj's today we are going to explore some girly vibes with my top 10. Let's go 10-shameless maya 9-carrie green 8-nikki phillipi 7-wengie 6-ingrid nielsen 5-tanya burr 4-patricia bright 3-mimi ikonn 2-dani watson 1-angela ceberano bonus extra love for marie-claire UK : omg love this feminine Magazine enjoy:) Mary jokes 😉


Thumb’s up my dear 2

Hello my Mj's Here I am again, sharing with you my 10 thumbs up of the week. So without further ado let's get started! 1- the YouTube channel RealEnglishwithRealTeachers  an amazing initiative to help non native speakers by providing them with a real native prononciation; conversational English; and some unique phrases such as break a … Lire la suite Thumb’s up my dear 2