The pursuit of positivity

It is summer ;and many of you might be on holiday or Waiting for your results.However, you may be sad or stressed out or negative.Hopefully,life is not a piano keyboard and it is ok to feel a bit weird at times.So, here are my 5 tips to help you getting back on track.

Tip1; practise méditation journaling and  gratitude.

first, These activities are quite silent and second, tthhey are simple to include in your schedule for exemple 10 minutes of meditation in the morning ,saying five things you are grateful for and having a notebook where your journal your thoughts and feelings half an hour :the morning and night or when you feel like it

tip2 write a love letter to yourself or meet friends and go out

sometimes we forgot how amazing we are and how beautiful life is ^^

tip 3:listen to your favorite song and danse

tip4: take care of others,take care of you

tip5 create, write down why you are like that and you can also take a cold shower haha ^^.


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