The summer job


At first, I have heard of this expression, when my parents told me » you need to make a bit of money ». So, i said fine let’s go! we can do it! I would give my resume and be working some hours during the week, but then; I thought wait, what if I associate my passions and my job with a real need to share my ideas to the world .

On the one hand, I have heard of the bakery world and at first i was a bit afraid; but then i left my predjudices aside and applied. Fortunately , they called me for an interview and I tried to be as honest as possible. Thereby, bottom line is that :I was thrilled to be there because this job offered the opportunity to serve people, to interact with them, to organize the job and do some cleanning .

What’s more ,I am actually happy because it enables me to explore this interesting industry and to be social taking it as a positive quality rather than as a flaw like when I was in nursing school when I was « too social » and « not enough technical » .What a shame!

OK, I accept the fact that it will be pretty « hot » there; but I am so glad to be able to bring a bit of happiness in the world of families by providing them some comfort through bread and other pasteries for instance.

Anyway, I was happy to encounter the world of sales and also i felt okay at first sight with the team.So if I had one piece of advice to give you for a job interview I would say stay yourself , forget your own predjudices and be open-minded.

Good Luck for everyone out there reachning for a job especially if it is your first experience !

« Stay Positive as a proton » I believe in you !

mary jokes;)


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