the morning routine and student organization!

Although human beings are not all early birds , we might consider our own day as a macrocosm of our lives. Therefore , look at the hourglass and take care of every minutes in our day .

As a freshman in college ,I have spent a part of my first day : establishing a real little organization for myself, so here i am ;to share with you some precious tips and tricks!Girlboss-Wallpaper-April-music-me.de_-730x480

Tip 1: How to deal with distractions

Facebook, twitter, our tv or our neighboor- distractions pop out everywhere tearing us apart. First, identify where your time goes .As a matter of fact it is , crucial to acknowlege where your time goes .Second, plan your distractions .The human body cannot focus for life you need to have some breaks but distractions can really take you away from your goals and prevent you to achieve them.Third, get a witness and share with them your plans it might be a member of your family or a friend Four , if you cannot control them by yourself block them with a website Five, choose your distractions in a more purposefull form for example you can read a book instead of watching netflix.

Tip 2: How to take care of your body by taking care of your fridge

Indeed, what we put in our fridge is what would flow in our body.So , we must be picky when it comes to do some errands.On the one hand, plan your errands by noticing what is missing and how much you might need and stick to it.Then , it is OK to be caught when a good deal is presented but plan for it and ad a little crazy budget , On the other hand , clean your fridge and let it free for the next trip downtown and when you come back home keep your reciets and store your food imediatly , you might also want to buy some supplies for your pantry as well such as boxes and mason jars if needeed.By doing this you will give a good nutrition to your body as long as you choose healphy items on this list

Tip3: Budgetting saving tips with sarah/ special interview by mary jokes 😉

sarah is my doormate we can say my neighboor and she is amazing at saving so I have asked her some tips and trick that could help you on how to save and the notion of budgetting .


-Hello sarah, what a wonderful day ,don’t you thinK?

-yes really bright i love it!

-by this sunny weather i want to buy some beats and pieces for my wardrobe but i am bit broke right now what can i do for the next weeks to come

-girl lets save and budget cuz these are lives saviors

-alright so what are your 5 tips to save and Your 5 tips when it comes to budget?

-I am glad , you ask indeed i love to do that so let’s get started!!

Tip 1:be realistic 

when you are broke acknowledge that and stay coherent with that so when you earn 10 euros you can save 3 or 4 euros don’t just save 1.

tip2: be commited

you need to think about it everyday and avoid excessive spending .

tip3: ask for help , you might have some financial help center in your college to help you or your family

tip4 :  stay healphy you would save the doc spending and you would save time also

Tip5:  take in consideration your morgagges first!and if you don’t have enough let’s find one or two jobs to have a better source of income.

when you need to budget..

tip1: write it down and bring it with you everywhere as a reminder

tip2: talk about it to a friend 

Tip3: analyse your spendings and what you need

Tip4 : don’t buy something you don’t really need or cannot afford

Tip5: allocate some money longterm with the handmade and healphy

here they are! hope they can inspire you to shift your habits and b happier financially .

thank you sarah ,nice to have this little conversation with you ;see you latter you know for the walk 😉

see you soon and hello to your readers



Tip4: How to stay active in college

College, can be pretty redundant and you might be a bit slugish at he end of the day but you must exercise a bit to keep your mind fresh you body good and your health alright.  So, first thing in the morning is the best time to start by a little workout and you cna also walk between your classes or take the stairs instead of the lift but you can give a purpose to your exercise moments and that is what i love to do for example let’s say you ve been studing all day long and you are exhausted well what you can do is to go out for a walk but you can ask a friend to go with you and have a little chat too and if you have something to do downtown you can literaly go for a walk with a friend or neighboor and go downtown with her do your errands for example and come back and she can additionnally help you or you can help her .


Tip5: morning routine

Morning Routine OMG i can do a whole article about it they are amazing really first it structure your day so you won’t fall in the trap to sleep till your courses begin .Second it boost your productivity , more hour in the day equal more done in the day Then it allows ou to breathe and relax and be ok with yourself .They are gold .Futur article on my morning routine and what you can do as a student;)

Tip6: closet organization

You might think , hey what i know what to wear , well fine but personnally i am like the fool in front of my closet lost in my clothes and you know how it is … so MY SOLUTION

first plan 2 get inspired by yourself get inspired by others choose your style update your tastes and surprise yourself

Tip7: priorities up

This one is vital in college between social and psychological drama and days when you are bad priorities are huge and so you need to define them as well as your values and keep them before your eye look at them everyday and knowing your why.

Tip8: Relax and rewards

ok we are in the school system but we are not robots yet and our mind need to unplug at time so here my advice is use it to your advantage but beware of procrastination

tip9: school schedule tips and avoid procrastination

put your activities first then draw around them your net about all your lectures

Then ,stick to it Finnaly as soon as you recieve an homework do it schedule it or write it down.!

you can use a minuter as well to keep you on track and organize yourself with a planner or the app agenda  and notes on your phone which are really useful

Tips 10 : Social life tips and warnings.

ok it can be tempting to go all in with socializing but college is complicated more superficial and when you have some deep connexions with someone they automatically raise jaleousy ect it is complex and here my only tip woukd be be yourself stay with your life crushes and forget the rest you don’t need 50 person to feel good sometimes just one call of your bbf will give you love in your heart and a smile on your face .

I hope you have been enjoying it , see you next time thanks;)


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