The pursuit of positivity

It is summer ;and many of you might be on holiday or Waiting for your results.However, you may be sad or stressed out or negative.Hopefully,life is not a piano keyboard and it is ok to feel a bit weird at times.So, here are my 5 tips to help you getting back on track. Tip1; practise … Lire la suite The pursuit of positivity


The summer job

  At first, I have heard of this expression, when my parents told me" you need to make a bit of money". So, i said fine let's go! we can do it! I would give my resume and be working some hours during the week, but then; I thought wait, what if I associate my … Lire la suite The summer job

Ptit dej summer

Hey un petit article sur mon ptit dej du momentde l avoine avec du kiwi et de la pastèque, accompagné d un thé pu er  infusé avec quelques clous de girofles.  J' en ai mis 7 mais après jvous conseille d en mettre moins si vous trouvez le goût trop fort.