Hello My Mj’s!!

A warm Welcome my MJ’s , Bienvenue mes MJ’s .

Hey my Mary Jokes Family ;who I like to call my Mj’s !

Welcome !! I am Mary Jo ,I am a blogger , a French student of English Literature , History at Uni in France ; and I am welcomming you my Mj’s ! You are now part of a huge family ! On this blog, I will share with you ;my tastes; views and bites of my life as well as some advices , tips and tricks to help you .I am also a student coach and here is my website : https://mjlifecoach.wordpress.com/ !

My message is that  :  You are not alone; You are  gifted and amazing as you are;  and have to celebrate your uniqueness , let your light shine and live your life fully !!Mary Jokes;)

I am a child of God ❤

I LOVE books and reading ,talking,motivational speaking and writing are my favorite things to do .
Here's my Wattpad profile : https://www.wattpad.com/user/user24943824 . I believe in  God and strive to be a godly woman .
I am interested in psychology sociology biology literature , writing ,ecology languages and cultures but also creative things such as youtube , diys , decoration ,creative cooking, lifestyle ,gardenning, the growth mindset , self help .What's more, I love singing in my chorus or in my room ; and I have a magazine : https://rainbowmagazineblog.wordpress.com/blog/ .
I also have a cooking blog https://mjcookingblog.wordpress.com/
A blog of soulful ,deep conversations,boho vibes and spirituality:
A blog of motivation to pursue your dreams through your daily routine
A blog in french to deal with diabetes
A blog in french on jokes

Moreover, I will  always be available for a coaching session or virtual teatalk ;see « Contact me »

I am looking forward hearing from you my friend! whether that’s to have a chat , or if you need some pieces of  advice ,have some questions ,or just  to share views and debate ; So don’t  hesitate my Mj’s! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Mary Jokes 😉